Swiss Touch Construction is a full service millwork shop. We provide everything in-house from start to finish and everything in between, including:

  • design & drawing
  • fabrication & finishing
  • installation


We are available for outsourcing to trades for the following services:


Any type of veneering required for your project. We have a full line of veneering equipment (guillotine, veneer stitcher (gluing), three head sander and press). Whether it’s custom, real wood or man-made, we can work with it.


We work with any type of laminate glued on the required substrate for the project.


We provide full service for CNC including drawing, designing & cutting.

Our commitment is to our clients and the quality product. Our job is fun. Better product. Working with pride. We think out of the box to achieve what the client wants, even when they have been turned down by other shops.